About Us
Superior Service & Integrity Since 1971
DSS specializes in Financial Condominium Management.  We have been in business for over
35 years and our references are impeccable.  We provide service to over 15,000 homeowner
units.  And while we are not the largest, we provide greater attention and immediate response
to office personnel, board members and individual homeowners. Our software is proprietary
and we have the ability to customize it to your needs.   You will find that our rates are very
reasonable.  We would be happy to provide client references at your request.
We have deposit banking relationships and courier service with most of the banks in Southern
California.  Homeowners may send their payments directly to your bank which will expedite
funds into your bank account for improved cash flow.  Or, if you prefer, we will collect payments
and make the deposits.  You may use the bank of your choice.  Most management companies
insist that you use their bank of choice.
We at DSS can handle all your financial needs; accounts receivable, accounts payable, full
general ledger, collections and more. Or we can provide just those services that your
association may need.  A few of the services we provide are as follows:  We answer telephone
inquiries from homeowners who may have questions with regard to their accounts.  We provide
homeowners with the ability to make their payments automatically.  We begin the initial stages
of the collection process.  Management may log onto our system and access information at
any time.  For more detailed information please refer to our “services” tab.  
 Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.  We take great pride in the
high level of professionalism, honesty and integrity that we bring to all of our clients.